Friday, February 27, 2009

what can happen during a Minnesota winter...

If you have an aversion for feet -I suggest not reading the rest of this post.
Sunday evening, a few of my favorite people and I went to the Grand Ol' Creamery - the best place to get ice cream here in the Cities. Seeing as Lent was to begin on Wednesday, we took advantage of the cold night, and ventured out to get ourselves what may be our last good scoop of ice cream until Easter. All went well and we headed home. When we got to Joe's house, I was going to go inside for a little bit and have him take me home later - bad idea. As I was leaving, I stepped off a small, but bigger than I though, ledge, and fell to my doom onto the icy driveway. Below is a picture diary of the past few days .....
1st - the happy scoops of ice cream and hot fudge! Yummy raspberry and chocolate flake with chocolate chip mint - and hot fudge of course!
Rolled ankle - 1 night of total agony, a trip to the Dr. in the morning, and an "air cast" and crutches for this week, and perhaps the week to follow. With this picture, I especially enjoy the bruise at the heel AND and the high ankle that is already turning yellow. I sure did a number on my right foot!

Each day the coloring has been progressively "better" - and more colors appear. The 1st day there was hardly anything, and day by day, the blue, black, purple, yellow and red's have been surfacing. In order to make this somewhat upsetting event a bit more "fun" - I take a picture of my foot daily to track its progress.
These photos are from the past 2 days (Thursday and Friday)


alannar said...

I thought YOU were the one with an aversion to feet???

I ended up with the same injury in about 9th grade ... and I'll never forget trying to make my way down the high school hallway on the wet vinyl (it was october), only to pull a total Bambi move and end up with my crutches miles away in opposite directions and me unable to get up again :-0

With those Minnesota winters, hope they've given you crutches with super grippers!!

Get better soon!

La Familia Garcia said...

Again, I'm so sorry this happened! I hope you're feeling a littler better now? Can't wait to "chat" again! Hang in there!

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