Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For those interested....

Everyone, please pray for my dad, who died pretty suddenly on Saturday morning. He always went to my grandparents house on Saturday's at 10:00 and is NEVER late for anything (I must get that from him) so when he didn't show up they were worried. They called him a few times, and then went over to his house, where one of my dad's sisters met them.

My dad had gotten up in the morning, and done his usually routine.... got breakfast ready, was watching the news. Somewhere during that time, they think his heart must have stopped or he had some kind of a heart attack. He was laying next to the couch, as if he had tried to walk off the pain, and then rest. My family said he looked peaceful.

When I was in 1st grade, and again in junior high, my father fought Hodgkins Disease. A type of Lymph node Cancer. He had been in remission for MANY years, and up until Saturday was the only person still alive after receiving the treatment he did. (chemo, full body radiation, stem cells - - the list goes on) The others lasted less than 2 years.

God gave our family a miracle by letting my dad be around to see me grow up (almost) fully.... he was able to be there for all of the milestone we never thought he would when he got sick when I was a tiny girl.

Junior high fun, high school sports (of which he never missed a swim meet or other event!) and graduation, college fun and graduation, along with countless trips up and down I-5 to visit me in college at least once a month, and pick me up and take me home whenever I wanted to come home (before I had a car) - and he was even able to share in the joy of my recent engagement to Joe! Joe was able to talk to him about his plans to marry me, and ask for permission, and then we were able to celebrate (on the phone) about the news. Praise the Lord! How providential the way joy and sorrow are mixed together.

When Joe asked my dad if he could marry me, my dad said to him ... "Well, it's okay with me, but you better ask her!" Is anyone surprised? ;-)

Due to all his cancer treatment, he just had a weaker body. His heart and organs were not like ours. Though he looked okay on the outside, he was constantly fighting inside, and fatigued easily.

Please pray that this will bring about conversion among many souls, and for the repose of his soul (David Doherty), that he may rest with Jesus, Mary, and the Saints and angels forever.

My dad received most of his treatment from Dr. Bonnie Takasugi and her team at Highline Cancer Center. Dr. Bonnie was one of my dad's favorite people and she helped him to survive as long as he did.

My dad didn't want any service or memorial,
for that reason, I am asking that donations be made to the hospital where he was treated.

If you feel called, please send donations in David's name to:

Highline Medical Center Foundation
ATTN: Cancer Center
16259 Sylvester Rd SW, Suite 101
Burien, WA 98166
(In memory of David Doherty)
Or online at : http://www.highlinemedical.org/Donation_Form.htm

Keep praying.

To my dad.... by far the best dad, for whom my love will be eternal.

My Dad

Please lift all of your prayers to heaven.
My dad died pretty suddenly on Saturday morning.
Pray for the repose of his soul and the conversion of many souls through this suffering we are going through.

He made it very clear that he did not want any service after his death -
we will be setting up a memorial fund in his name. More to come.

Maybe God be given all the glory.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lots to come

Updates are coming soon, that last week, well, few weeks have been a whirlwind or business and events.

Today is soup day - Annie, Cheryl, Megan and myself went to the Farmer's Market this morning, got our ingredients, and are making 5 different soups today!

2 are simmering currently, 3 more are on their way to completion.

We can now hibernate for the winter and be prepared.
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St. Valentines Day
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