Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warm Memories

After my dad went through his cancer treatments 15 years ago, he was perpetually cold. To conquer that, he nearly always wore a turtle neck with a sweatshirt over it. This past October when we were going through my dad's clothes to donate them, I decided to same some key pieces - 6 sweatshirts. I had no intention of doing anything with them, just having them to look at and hold ans smell and remember my dad. As I was looking at them in a bag one day, I said to myself that if I don't do anything with them, they will just sit in that bag and in 5 years I will probably donate them too. Well, I didn't want that to happen, so I decided to make a blanket with them.

A blanket made of sweatshirts, to keep me warm, just like they kept my dad warm all those years.

The black and white fabric was not a sweatshirt - obviously. It was just to make the blanket bigger and give it some dimension. I used one of my old sweatshirts too, because I needed 2 more squares to make it even. Having Monday off helped me to sit down and just finish it, and early this morning, I hand stitched the corners so they would be extra secure.

I am so thankful that I saved those sweatshirts and made a blanket. Years for now, as I snuggle up with the blanket, and hopefully a few kids in tow, I can share with them wonderful stories about their grandpa, who went to Heaven before they could meet him.


La Familia Garcia said...

That's beautiful, Anna!! What a great use of your energy and love! I hope you're doing well. You're in my prayers, as always!

Sarah said...

Oh, Anna! That quilt turned out beautifully! What a lovely tribute to your dad ... something tangible you will always have to keep him close and his memory alive. I just love it! God bless you!

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