Monday, February 2, 2009

January in Pictures

January seemed pretty busy - here are a few shots of the activities....

Megan (my roomie) has trouble wearing what I call "cozy" clothes. She just never did growing up and was never in the habit. But I have peer pressured her into it over the years. Last week, we were sitting around talking about when we were going to go to the grocery store this week ... we figured out we had to go RIGHT NOW or else... no food for us. We were already in our cozy clothes, and I insisted we not change out of them. Due to the momentous nature of this event (Megan going out in public with her flannel pants on) I documented it.

The "Worlds Toughest Cowboy" came to St. Paul, and Joe, Mikey, Megan and myself went to check it out! Awesome!

Thursday night --- Friday morning, someone decided to break into my car, which was in the garage of my apartment building, and take the only thing worth anything - the stereo I had installed when I just got the car a few years ago. Along with taking the stereo, they took my heat and defrost too! Geico has been wonderful and I have a rental car while mine is in the shop. I must say it was an interesting sight this morning as I was driving to work scraping the ice from the INSIDE of my car window with my Visa card (pre-rental car). I should have been arrested.

The beautiful sunrise I saw before discovering my car was messed up.

One more action shot of the pajama shopping extravaganza!
Megan, Mikey, Joe and myself are also taking dance lessons so we don't look like goons dancing at the wedding. I have no pictures of that ---yet.


Sarah D said...

I love the photos of you and Megan in your comfy clothes! They made me laugh! I can totally picture you convincing her to just go out in her flannel pants! Very fun!!

Jacqui Quinonez said...

I loved this post (except for the car part).

Thank you for helping Megan grow ;)

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