Sunday, August 16, 2009

Much needed post - in the "7 quick takes" format

It's been one month since the big day, and I have been so overwhelmed with stuff to post about that I just don't post at all. Silly, I know, but true. I will do this post in the "7 Quick Takes" style, even though it isn't Friday, over at Conversion Diary , just to keep my head from spinning.....

1) We had a great wedding! I hope you got to see Casey's great pictures (the previous post links you to his website). He did such a wonderful job capturing the day from beginning to end! He was such a trooper and arrived at my house at 6:40am the day of the wedding, and could be seen at 10:45pm leaving the reception after a long night of dancing and pictures. Thank you, Casey.

Also, the whole day's details will come in another post, but it truly was the best day ( and week ) of my life. Everything people say is true ..... It is just magic. Everything went off without a hitch. The only thing that we weren't too happy with ( and by WE, I mean my mom and I, Joe had no opinion ) were the flowers. We wanted something much different than what we got. But, my mom went to the florist and spoke to them about her unhappiness, and got a nice chunk of change in return. Our best friends were in town for the big day and we had a whole week of fun. Joe and I commented we need to do it every year - not get "re-married" because that is impossible, but have a great big party for everyone to come to!
(Most of our friends at my parents house Thursday before the wedding)

2) Mexico was ---- too good for words! I will make another complete post about it in the future, but here are some pictures. We were at a great resort (RIU Palace), all inclusive, on the beach, lots of pools, yummy drinks, food, snorkeling, para sailing, outback tours .... you name it, we did it.

3) Another wedding - My dear friend Sara Primera was married to Josh Davila 2 weeks after our wedding. I went down to Texas, without Joe, and was a bridesmaid for Sara. It was nice to see a few other NET people and old friends. I also danced the night away (kind of) with Ernie - he is one of "my people" and taught me how to dance like a real Mexican. Now I need to teach Joe.
Keep Sara and Josh in your prayers as they begin their lives together!

4) Joe and I went to Woodland Park Zoo, the Sequim Game Farm, and my parents beach house in Wenatchee/Chelan. I would say we are living up our "pre-retirement" (in the next post) quite nicely.

5) We have been calling this stage in our life, "pre-retirement" - being a teacher, Joe has the summer off, and I am still looking for a job for the time being and thinking about how to start organizing here - until then, we are just 2 young retired people. It has been great!

6) Harry Potter - Joe loves Harry Potter, I never got into it. So, for the past few days, Joe has been reading me Harry Potter - we are on book 4 (he said the 1st 3 weren't worth the effort) and I have seen the movies already. My love language, if it exists, is being read to. Maybe that goes under the "quality time" category, but I really think it is something totally different.

7) Joe got a job! We are very excited about that. We probably should have been a little more "nervous" about picking up and moving home the week before the wedding, without job, and no time to look for them either. But we trusted in God's providence and knew something would happen. Well, within a week of being home from Mexico, Joe had a few offers and the best one was at the school closest to our home! The Lord is so faithful and we trusted He would provide. As always, He did! Mr. Skillman will be teaching at St. Patrick's in Tacoma - Middle School Science.

More posting to come. 1st things 1st - get new married life organized.

God bless!

The Skillman's

p.s. Soon (or maybe not so soon) I will be making the move to this place:

It is still unnamed and hasn't been used, but I think our new life as one needs a new blog as one ;-) I will keep you posted.
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