Monday, January 12, 2009

December: A review in pictures

December was full .... here is a glimpse in pictures.

Home in Tacoma during the freaky snow storm weather - - - we made the most of it with a friendly snow man. We never make them in Minnesota because it is just TOO TOO cold when the snow comes. Josh and Mike both came into town in early December. Josh had training for his new job, and Mike missed Minnesota so much he just had to come back. The Cathedral is in the background.

Minnesota sunset. Even thought it is freezing, the sun comes up every morning and it is so pretty!
Trying on one of the veil options for the wedding. Cathy D (My mom's friend from high school) is helping me put it on (the veil she wore at her wedding), and my mom is just watching.

My mom putting together some bows from my 1st shower. Her grade school and high school girlfriends threw me my 1st wedding shower (Bath and kitchen themed). It was great!

Joe and I trying to recreate a pose similar to one my grandma and grandpa had, Christmas of 1965 in front of a tree. I should get the original up on here. They are pretty similar .... we framed it and gave it to her for Christmas - side by side with the original. She just loved it.

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Michael and Kristine said...

so cute :) i like that last one. it was great to see you guys last month

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