Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and the New Year

I was home for 2 weeks, by home I mean Tacoma, Washington. It was so great to be with my family and Joe's family for the holiday. We love being home and the trip back to MN is always a little hard - leaving our family and the ones we love to come back to MN .... where of course we love our life as well. There is just something about being home that makes you want to stay.

Wedding plans are going well. We are all ready to go, now we just have to wait until July 18th!
Thanks to the help of my dear friend Kate - we actually addressed all the invitations and sent "save the dates" to the out of town guests. 5 of my ladies already have their dresses, the cake is settled on and I think the flowers are too. As far as wedding cakes go - I am not a fan. I haven't ever had one I LOVED, and I just don't like cake in general. I would much rather have ICE CREAM - but that was not approved by the wedding committee - - - my mom ;-) --

The snow in the northwest over Christmas made for a few changes in plans, but it was nice to rest and slow down for a change. When it snows in MN, nothing slows down!

Now we are back in Minnesota, have the weekend to regroup and adjust to life in the Midwest until we head back to work on Monday.

Pictures of break to come soon!


Lindsey St.Hilaire said...

Hey Anna! I just wanted to mention that Andrew and I are not fans of cake either. We decided to get an ice cream cake from Coldstone. It was small but pretty and we had them use our colors. And then we bought other deserts and had a desert table (keylime pie, apple pie, cheese cake, and various cookies). The only down side for the cake, is you can only bring it out once you are ready for the cake cutting. But, we also saved a lot of money in this area and there was enough variety that everyone had something they liked. Just a few ideas to throw out there! =) Have fun planning!

Lindsey St.Hilaire said...

Glad to hear the desert situation is working out! For table decorations we rented white linens (very costly, not sure if I would do that again). They were very elegant and pretty. Then we had borrowed square mirrors in the center of each table. On each mirror was a vase (bought at the dollar store) with dried lavender in it (we dried the lavender ourselves from my mom's yard). I thought it was very nice. We donated the vases to the church, except for a few. We have one still in our house, the fact that the arrangement is dried means we can keep it forever! Also, as a favor we had holy cards made. If you are interested in that, I can send you the link to the company we used.

Andrew, baby, and I are doing well! School starts tomorrow... I am not ready to go back! But it will be good for me to have more structure to my days. I waste a lot of time when I have nothing to do!

Talk to you soon!
Love, Lindsey

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