Monday, November 17, 2008

Date Night

Awhile ago, Joe and I decided to set aside one week night as Date Night. We picked Wednesday's. Lately though, Wednesday's have been full of other obligations (this Wednesday my boss at the Archdiocese is having our office over for dinner) so Joe and I have been forced to reschedule - which is just fine.
Date night has been such a blessing. It gives us a set time to spend together. We sometimes have more of a "business" type meeting, now discussing the details of the wedding or planning something, but mostly it is just time set aside to enjoy one another.

Tonight Joe planned Date Night - It was a great one!

We played poker! He brought the chips, and cards, and sun glasses and hat - even big pretzel sticks as fake cigars.
Not that life will ever totally get back to "normal" after the death of my dad - it is comforting to know that life does go on, and Joe and I are living life, having fun, and enjoying each day together. Today marks the one month date since my dad died. It is hard to believe.

God continues to bless the struggle and the suffering. His grace is sufficient.


alannar said...

Hadn't ever thought of calling date nights, but it's a brilliant idea! Glad to see you both smiling :-)

La Familia Garcia said...

Anna- Hi, I know we lost touch for awhile, but I was happy to find your blog and see that you and Joe are planning to get married! I loved your date night pictures- you are both so fun! It does seem so perfect! I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. Your faith is inspiring. I hope you're well!

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