Friday, August 1, 2008

Tuesdays = Free outdoor concerts at the MN History Center!

Tuesday nights in St. Paul leave me at the Minnesota State History Center where each week is a free outdoor concert - each week is a different kind of music. Two weeks ago was Irish music, and last week was Swing! We bring a little picnic, and enjoy the music, and all of the people. What I enjoyed most this week, was being able to be there with my co-leader from NET (Joe Mailhot) and his fiance, soon to be wife (August 23rd), and also, looking around seeing TONS of people I know. Living in a city you didn't grow up in can seem --- challenging - you have to get to know new people, find out about the town, seek out some kind of community, etc. Yet, though I have only lived here about 3 years, I was surprised, and comforted to go out to a public event, downtown, and see at least 5 families I know, and many friends.

A highlight of the night was Hal W. Hal is an 81 year old man who never forgets his dancing shoes! He is pictured below in the blue shirt and black pants - dancing with all the ladies. I am certain people go swing dancing (Thursday nights at the Tapestry) just to dance with Hal! He was amazing! As i was watching him dance the night away (yes, I was watching, not dancing) I thought about all of the times my Grandma June tells me about how she would "dance every night!" as she wonders why I don't. I tell her things just are not the same with dancing these days. We don't have the big bands, the dance halls, the young G.I.'s hanging around waiting to dance with a nice young lady ......

Anyway, I became so happy thinking about my grandma in her youth, dancing every night, and Hal was able to show me a piece of what that might look like - I had to go talk to him! That is when I learned his name (Hal), how old he is (81), how long he has been dancing (since 1942), and that he goes swing dancing AT LEAST every Thursday (at The Tapestry). He asked me to dance right then, but saw I was wearing flip flops, and said there is no way I could dance well in them. Maybe next time Hal, maybe next time.

Check out the pictures, and enjoy!

Joe (my co-leader from NET who lives in Maine but is out here taking masters classes at St. Thomas for the summer) and his fiance (soon to be wife - Aug 23rd) Schara, in front of the BEAUTIFUL St. Paul Cathedral - - - - it is amazing! I can't believe I live in a city where I can see, and go to a cathedral daily if I want!

Hal (in the blue shirt and black pants) dancing the night away - notice his little finger point as he gets ready to spin around!

Hal dancing with a nice young lady - but not me :-( because of my flip flops

Lots of dancers !

Hal again, dancing!

And there it is!

Home Team 2005-2006- 3 members represented (Megan, Anna, Joe), 1 honorary member (Schara)

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