Saturday, August 30, 2008

MN State Fair -Some down home midwest fun!

The Minnesota State Fair is over on Monday, so we had to take a little trip up there to see the sights. Megan and Joe had never been before, however, I have now gone all 3 years I have lived here, so was certainly excited to go back! The big thing with the MN State Fair is everything being "on a stick". They have pickles on a stick, spaghetti and meatballs on a stick, deep fried candy bars and Twinkies on a stick, pigs in a blanket on a stick, ice cream on a stick ... I could go on and on....

I did manage however, to not eat ANYTHING on a stick. I had some ice cream, in a dish from the Dairy Barn, where the milk is fresh daily, and a Gyro, which was extra delicious, however, I made them myself a few nights ago, and I would bet that mine were much tastier!

Here are some pictures to document the event. Enjoy, and check out the fair next year, or tomorrow if you are in town!

Joe, standing next to some lawn art that best represents him .... a giraffe.
Only some of the people who were at the State Fair with us yesterday afternoon ..... Good thing the people here are "Minnesota Nice" or else it could have gotten out of control!For 50 cents, you can try your skills at milking a goat. We thought it was a genius idea on the farmers part. The goats need to be milked anyway, and this way, they are getting free labor, and being paid to DO NOTHING! While us city folks get to feel cool by milking a goat. Well farmers, we've got you figured out!
Cows showing some love.
This picture is for Kathy (Sr. Katherine, in the convent with the Nashville Dominicans.) We are waving hello to her with a super fuzzy and soft looking cow at the fair.

This is a pig - with his head, and his bottom, stuck in his food and water dish. Poor pig. Joe, myself, Mikey and Megan resting our little feet before conquering more turf at the fair. Again, another picture for Kathy, she always got on me for putting too much garlic on EVERYTHING, I thought it only appropriate to take some pictures at the garlic store, holding garlic. I love garlic, it's probably one of my favorite foods. Watch out world, here I come!

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Jacqui said...

I especially loved the pig. Poor, poor pig.

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