Monday, July 21, 2008

Cedar Point 2008

This post is way past due!

After wrap up week, the NET gang headed to Cedar Point for some roller coaster fun! Now that I'm not a NET Supervisor anymore, it might not be an annual trip, but I hope to go back frequently!

Here are some pictures of the highlights - well, the whole trip was a highlight!
The whole group: Joe, Anna, Chad, Kathy, Vito, Mike, BP

"Tuckin' in" some Chic-fil-a on our lunch break

Waiting in the very short line for Millennium Force - that's why we are so happy!The Super FUN van ride to Cedar Point...
Mike and BP being so scared on the Wicked Twister

The Dragster - 400 feet straight up. Yes please!2 days of riding coasters for 7 hours - Best trip ever, next to last year of course.

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