Friday, February 22, 2008

Being Thankful.

Things I am thankful for today, Feb. 22 - 2:59 pm - Central Standard Time ....

*Traveling through 4 times zones in the last 2 weeks. Thanks what happens when you supervise 2 traveling NET teams, one in Las Vegas, and the other in Kentucky.

*Having a rap written about you - and all your roommates for Valentines Day's ... "From the Chateau to the Chalet, Happy Valentines Day ..."
(the Chateau is the name of the house the guys i work with live in, and the Chalet is the name of the house we women all live in)

*Going to Vegas, seeing the fountain at the Bellagio, recognizing the beauty that the sinfulness of Vegas is hiding, and riding in a PT cruiser convertible.

*Having 3 days off. Usually I would be filling some of my day with Jack Bauer in "24", but Bless the Lord ... It's Lent ...and I'm happily enjoying the sacrifice of NOT watching "24", while I blog and think about reading a book.

*Psalm 136 - the original, and the new renditions that Team's 5 and 6 wrote. "God's love Endures FOREVER!"

*Teaching my friends how to sew. Who knew all those sewing lessons as a child would come in SO handy!

*Being able to help Kathy make part of her habit! (She will be entering the Nashville Dominicans in August, pray for her.)

Recent pictures from the past few weeks:

Team 5 and their Supervisors (Me and Vito) @ Woodford Reserve Bourbon Distillery

Anna and Lupita at the Woodford Reserves Bourbon Distillery in KY

Chateau Men rapping to us on Valentine's Day!!!

NET Mission Staff Households joined together to celebrate....

The ladies of the Chalet sipping our Mexican beverages :-)

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Seminarian said...

Hey Buddy. Hope everything is good. I talked to a lady from Minneapolis the other day who said it was 40 below there a couple weeks ago. Sounds pretty chilly.

Are you and the other NET staffers going to make it to NY for the Papal visit?

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St. Valentines Day
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