Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Right Order

Well - I have been meaning to post this information for awhile, and while I am hesitant because it is still not totally official, it is exciting and wonderful.

I am starting my own business!

While working as a missionary for NET ministries in 2005, I stayed with a woman who was in the process of quitting her job as a civil engineer to start her own business as a Professional Organizer. This conversation sparked something in me. I had no idea this was something people could do for a living! We stayed up for much of the night chatting, about her business and goals, and I was very intrigued. Though my interested was peeked, I didn't give it too much weight, because I didn't think it was actually something that was doable. I continued to travel on the road with NET until May of 2006, and then signed on to work for them full time as a Team Supervisor for the 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 NET year.

The wonderful woman that I met in Northern Minnesota emailed me and sent information about NAPO - National Association of Professional Organizers. Again, I didn't do much with this information because I was busy working for NET and had other goals I was working toward.

During the summer of 2007, I was looking into opportunities for grad school and jobs, knowing that my commitment for NET would be over in July 2008. Through all of the searching and investigation, I was not having any peace about grad school - and was prompted (by the Holy Spirit most likely) to recall the NAPO web site and check it out.

I found out that NAPO meetings (in Minnesota) happen the 1st Monday of every month, and the soonest I could make it to one was October 2007. At the meeting, I met many people who had tons of experience and advice about organizing, and one women who teaches classes about how to start a business, specifically in ORGANIZING. I took the class, and was on my way to starting a business.

Long story short ..... my business is called Right Order. The name came from wanting to have and idea of peace and calm in my home and the homes of others. After many names that were on the table, eventually Right Order came. The definition of PEACE is ...... mutual harmony, serenity and .... Right Order! It made perfect sense to me.

It is still in the very beginning stages, but I already have business cards, and the website is under construction but viewable and has a few items up. Please check it out! I will post some before and after photos of the places i have already organized soon.

I will continue to give updates as things develop. Please keep all of this in your prayers.

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Michael and Kristine said...

how cool! i'm sure we'll totally be hiring you and your expertise =)

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