Monday, September 14, 2009

Pretty darm proud of myself!

Proud in a good way ;-)
Look what I made today ....

Since we have glass doors in both our bathrooms and I wanted to add some color, but without a shower curtain, that is hard. The above color is in Joe's bathroom ;-)

We got the dining room furniture a few weeks ago and hung the curtains last week. Joe provided the flowers ;-)

I made the bedroom curtains today, and the 2 cute pillows to match with the extra fabric. Now the room seems complete to me. Hooray! I love the neutral color of our bedding which made for any color to be the accent. We picked blue and painted one wall that color and the curtains are blue too.

Another glass door in my bathroom---- We have brown and light teal towels in there, so I made some curtains to match the teal color. I think it makes it look very nice. Just how I imagined. I do like the style I picked for Joe's bathroom a little better.


La Familia Garcia said...

Looks beautiful Anna! I bet it's so nice to feel more settled in and to have your house feel more like home- do you seriously each have separate bathrooms? Does he have to clean his own? ; )

Bill, Amelia and Jack said...

good job, Decorator Girl! :) I was wondering if you really have your own bathrooms too!! :) Amazing and beautiful you guys are finally married. YEA!

Anna S said...

Thanks Janelle and Amelia! At the moment, we have 2 bathrooms and 2 people - so yes we have our own bathrooms. The one I use is in the main part of the house so it is also the "guest bathroom" and the one Joe uses is the master bath in our bedroom - we both use both on occasion, but each have a primary one we use. Joe keeps his tidy - wipes up after shaving and the toothpaste in the sink, but I do the major clean each week.

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