Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am in awe

Currently, I live across the street from a HUGE nursery. Spring time is the best because of all the blooming flowers! It is an oasis. Going on walks is something I truly enjoy, and walking through and around the nursery makes it even better.

Recently, I was walking by and saw a flower that was totally new to me - never in my life had I seen it and thought I had missed out on a true piece of beauty. I walked into the nursery and described the flower that took my breath away, and they immediately knew what it was - and Allium! (I described it to them as a big purple "dandelion" when they are white and fluffy.)

My mom has quite the green thumb, so I gave her a call to see if these grow in Washington, and THEY DO! You can guess what I will be doing in the fall - - - planting my Allium bulbs (They are a "plant in the Fall, grow in the Spring" flower).

Each night around 8:00 pm when the heat and humidity have almost worn off, I head out for a walk around the nursery and marvel in the beauty of the Allium (and all other flowers, too)

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La Familia Garcia said...

What gorgous pictures and what an appreciation of beauty!! It's amazing to see life through your eyes sometimes...

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