Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is here!

Fall is here, officially as of yesterday, and the St. Paul farmers market proves it! The roommate and I (Megan) typically go on the weekends whenever we get a chance, as do Cheryl and Annie (they are the one's who got Megan hooked) and the summer at the market was wonderful, as of Saturday, Fall has taken over and it is packed full of yummy goodies! The Red peppers were redder than ever, and now there is squash all over the place!

One really great thing happened - Megan and I planned on making salsa when we got home, and of course i didn't need 12 jalapeno peppers to do that, just one or two, so i asked a nice man how much he would charge me for just a few, thinking that is a whole box was a few dollars, i would be glad to give him a few quarters for 1 or 2 - he said "well, i wouldn't really know what to charge, so here, just take two" - because of his kindness, and our necessity, we also purchased fresh green beans from him. yummy. Thank you kind man!

My favorite picture is down near the bottom, a woman was carrying her 2 little dogs like most people carry their little babies. I asked her if i could take a picture, she didn't seem to mind. Thank you nice dog lady!

Cheryl and Annie started the tradition of "Soup Day" - buying ingredients are the market and making a few soups in one day, and freezing them for the winter - Soup Day will be later in October, and i am looking forward to it!

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