Friday, September 21, 2007

Monica and Chris Bader!

Last weekend Monica and Chris celebrated their wedding. I was so thankful to be able to break away from NET training for a few days in order to stand next to Monica and Chris as part of their bridal party. The day was so bless and Monica and Chris were so relaxed.
Some of the best parts were seeing her family from Mexico and Hawaii all together celebrating together. There is so much love between them all and it was a joy to witness.
Cutting the cake

Monica's side of the bridal party

Exchanging vows

Monica and me right before the ceremony

I am so thankful for the friendship i have with Monica. We became friends when i was in high school through another family that we were part of. Though our relationships with that family are no longer as close, Monica and i have stayed friends, and grown even closer.

Monica, i love you!

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Jacqui Quinonez said...

Is this your Monica friend from Guadalajara?!


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