Tuesday, July 24, 2007

it's amazing how one hat can bring you so much joy...

Last weekend most of the people on Mission Staff @ NET headed out to a Minnesota Twins game. We had a great time watching the game but my most favorite part was the woman sitting in front of me with the most fantastic hat i have ever seen. (scroll down for a picture). This hat was beautiful, multi-colored sparkles - i couldn't take my eyes off of it. Infact, i couldn't stop touching it either. Thank goodness for Megan, Joe and BP who pulled my hand away whenever i would try to steal it. I did manage to lay my fingers on the hat a few times, but not nearly long enough to enjoy it fully. We tried to do a quick trade, but there is no way she would have traded her beautfil "bedazzled" hat for my navy blue Old Navy hat. That would have been a totally unfair trade - but i would have enjoyed it.

Enjoy the photos - especially of the hat!

Kathy and Lynn

Mikey, Sarah and BP @ Twins game

BP being cool

Joe and Anna

Anna and Megan (Megan is moving to MN!)

Anna and a BEAUTIFUL hat!

Here is a shout out to the woman in the wonderful hat! Thank you Hat Lady - you made my day.

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